In iOS or iPadOS: Swipe up (iPhones with a Home button) or down from the upper-right corner (iPads, iPhones with Face ID) to show the Control Center. Tap Screen Mirroring and select your Apple TV.

How to Mirror a FaceTime Call to Apple TV or an AirPlay 2 May 05, 2020 How to Use AirPlay to Stream Content to an Apple TV | PCMag To mirror content from your Mac to your Apple TV, click the Screen Mirroring icon on the Mac's menu bar and select your Apple TV. The computer's desktop will be visible on the television. How to Screen Mirror iPhone or iPad to any Android Smart TV?

Apple's AirPlay 2 standard is built into some smart TVs, bypassing the need for an Apple TV set-top box to make mirroring work. Apple has a complete list of all smart TVs with AirPlay 2 support .

Oct 13, 2011 3 Ways to Mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV - iStreamer

How to Setup Apple TV to Mirror iPad Over AirPlay | iPad

If AirPlay or screen mirroring isn’t working on your Make sure that your devices are on and nearby. Check that your AirPlay-compatible devices are on. … How to mirror your iPad's screen onto a Roku, to watch