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How to Reset Dlink router to factory default? Nov 25, 2019 Configuration for D-Link DSL-2640 – OpenDNS Sep 26, 2016 How to Change DNS on D-Link Router | KeepSolid Smart DNS Note: If your D-Link Router allows for LAN based static router, you have to change the Interface in step 6 of this guide from WAN to LAN to successfully block Google DNS on your D-Link Router. In case your router only has WAN , you should follow our guide on how to …

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Using a computer that is connected to the D-Link router, open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Enter one of the following addresses into your browser address bar: Dec 27, 2017 · Open the command prompt (Start > Run > 'cmd') and then enter ipconfig. The address you need should be next to Default Gateway under your Local Area Connection, and it will often begin with 192.168. Jul 03, 2017 · When the network information appears, click the “Network” tab and you’ll see the router’s address listed as “Gateway.” Find Your Router’s IP Address in Linux. Most Linux desktops have a network icon in their notification area. Typically, you can click this network icon and then select “Connection Information”—or something similar. Top performing WiFi Routers, so you can game online, stream movies, shop and more with multiple devices all at the same time.

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