It is a personal Internet or “Halal Internet” based on “intelligent filtering.” The speed and bandwidth on this national Intranet may well be higher than those currently available to Iran’s Internet users but they will be used to provide more propaganda, not independently reported news and information or freely gathered data.

The idea of Iran setting up its own "halal," or "permissible," internet first came in 2011 in the wake of the 2009 protests. It's evolved into what's known as the National Information Network. It is essentially a net neutrality supporter's nightmare: The network has some 500 government-approved national websites that stream content far faster Halal Internet? Islamic browser promises better web Jan 28, 2019 Iran’s “Second Internet” Rivals Censorship Of China’s Iran’s long-awaited “Halal Internet”–a nationwide intranet that will be heavily monitored and cut off from the rest of the world–finally has a launch date. INTERNET AND HALAL TOURISM MARKETING - ResearchGate

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MyHalalMeatStore - The Best Quality of Halal Meat Thus My Halal meat was born. My halal meat recently celebrated its sixth anniversary and continues to serve the community with finest quality meat products and a great customer service. Both Ayaz and Hanif have been in the food industry for over 15 years and plans to expand more in the near future . Iran's "Halal Internet" evolves into a mere more-ambitious

Halal internet? Islamic browser SalamWeb promises better web experience for Muslims. Yudith Ho 28 January, 2019 3:12 pm IST. Facebook. at a time of mounting concerns over privacy, bias and online abuse over the internet. SalamWeb, a mobile and desktop browser, is designed to deliver a Muslim-friendly web experience. The app, which includes

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