No route to host. SDKs. iOS 7.0+ macOS 10.9+ Mac Catalyst 13.0+ tvOS 9.0+ watchOS 2.0+ Xcode 8.0+ Framework. Foundation; Declaration. static var EHOSTUNREACH

Jun 28, 2018 · Error: The data connection could not be established: EHOSTUNREACH - No route to host Error: Connection timed out Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing. After a lot of searches, I found FileZilla uses passive mode as a default file transfer mode; but the vsftpd is configured to use active mode by default. We have two options, Apr 28, 2007 · Package: libc6 Version: 2.3.6.ds1-13 Severity: minor IMHO "No route to host" is not a string that covers EHOSTUNREACH properly. In common situation it _is_ (that is why no one has complained so far I guess), but I run into trouble with ICMP type 3.13 (admin prohibited): # iptables -I INPUT 1 -p tcp --dport 42 -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-admin-prohibited # telnet localhost 42 Trying ping による疎通は確認できるのに、いざ ssh などで繋ごうとすると No route to host というエラーで即座に接続失敗し途方に暮れる場合、おそらく原因は接続先のホストの iptables によりパケットがブロックされ、到達不能を意味する ICMP パケットが返っ My app makes periodic updates to a server from a service. This works fine for a long time, but then connections to the server begin failing with EHOSTUNREACH (no route to host). Once this happens, all communication with that IP fails, even in the browser or pinging from a shell.

No route to the host is available. The complete list of the TCP/IP errors in Windows operating system can be found in the winsock2.h file. The winsock2.h file is not installed on your system if you do not have a development environment installed.

No route to host means the server doesnt know how to route the packet (routing table, however I have never seen it only occur on one protocol and not another). In my case. No NAT Internet connection. No IPTABLES Ping works I can connect to ip's either side of the broken ip. The broken ip says "no route to host" on any tcp port.

route add -net netmask gw dev eth0 route add default gw dev tap0 and all of the traffic is now going through the virtual private tap0 interface. \o/

Jul 10, 2017 · In the example below, you can see FileZilla is configured to attempt connecting to the Host “” with username “testuser”. The port number is set to “21”. Below are the same settings, with the port number modified to 22. Apr 06, 2015 · In the host OS, if I start FileZilla and connect as user anonymous to the localhost, it works. In the guest os, if I connect as anonymous to ip address (that's the IP address of the host according to IPCONFIG), FileZilla throws the following error: Status: Connecting to read UDPv4 [EHOSTUNREACH]: No route to host (code=113) The download performance results no goods (but I cannot exclude others problems). Can anyone help me to address the EHOSTUNREACH error? thanks a lot, luigi Jun 07, 2013 · Guide on howto solve the errors "unable to connect to host: No route to host 113 or unable to connect to host: Connection refused 111" in VNC. Ubuntu / Fedora.. EHOSTUNREACH: No route to host. TimesTen Server is unreachable. User checked what port the server runs on by doing ttStatus on the TimeTen database machine: $ ttstatus TimesTen status report as of Wed Jul 24 09:15:22 2013 Daemon pid 8566 port 44210 instance tt112241_64 TimesTen server pid 8591 started on port 53389