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OpenBSD has had softraid(4) for quite a while but OpenBSD 5.1 adds support for the root filesystem on softraid(4) for amd64, i386, and sparc64 systems. There was only one problem. I found some excellent documentation for amd64 and i386 in the form of Josh Grosse’s Provisioning Root on Softraid article at the OpenBSD Journal. This except from Review: OpenBSD 3.4 SPARC64 Edition – OSnews Among its many platforms, OpenBSD does indeed have a port for both SPARC (sun4/4c/4m) and SPARC64 (sun4u/UltraSPARC), and the SPARC64 port supports my Ultra 5. So in continuing with my ongoing series on evaluating operating systems running on the Sun Ultra 5, I took a look at OpenBSD 3.4, SPARC64 edition. Download OpenBSD 6.6 - softpedia OpenBSD is a free project that delivers a multi-platform UNIX-like operating system that is portable, efficient, secure, and based on the 4.4BSD platform. It is a powerful server product used on hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide. Availability, boot options, supported platforms . The operating OpenBSD Archive - openbsd port - sparc | Mailing List Archive openbsd port - sparc This forum is an archive for the mailing list sparc@openbsd.org ( more options ) Messages posted here will be sent to this mailing list. OpenBSD/sparc and OpenBSD/sparc64 ports

Sparc is used for high availability and secure systems. --- My personal computer in 1995 was a Sun Sparc Station 20, built like a tank, but obsolete for today's standards. The cost of my SS20 was higher than the cost of building my office room.

OpenBSD - Wikipedia OpenBSD is a Unix-lik computer operatin seestem foundit on Berkeley Software Distreebution (BSD), a kin o Unix biggit at the Varsity o California, Berkeley.It wis forkit frae NetBSD bi project heidsman Theo de Raadt in late 1995. The project is weel kent for the developers' harpin on apen soorce computer leid an fine documentation; firm stance on saftware licensing; an focus on sauftie an OpenBSD 3.4/3.5 for SPARC64 Addendum – OSnews

Jan 25, 2016

Is this only happening on Sparc, and not on x64 or ARM or PPC, etc? Does valgrind give any clues? Something else that might be helpful, if you have time: Set a breakpoint on the sqlite3VdbeExec() function that fires when the statement that is crashing is first executed. sqlite 3.31.1 crashes in SVN on OpenBSD Richard Hipp; Re: [sqlite Thunar Crashes running XFCE 4.10 on Sparc64 , OpenBSD 5.3