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Overplay | Definition of Overplay by Oxford Dictionary on ‘The author sometimes seems to overplay his hand.’ ‘To start, there's the danger of overplaying your hand.’ ‘It is important to not overplay weaker hands that look good at a big table.’ ‘Overplaying your hand vs. a tight player is probably the easiest way to knock yourself out.’ More 300 Overplay Synonyms. Similar words for Overplay. More 300 Overplay synonyms. What are another words for Overplay? Overact, overdo, overemphasize. Full list of synonyms for Overplay is here.

Overplay definition, to exaggerate or overemphasize (one's role in a play, an emotion, an effect, etc.): The young actor overplayed Hamlet shamelessly. The director of the movie had overplayed the pathos.

a.) to take an active role b.) to participate in a game of cards c.) to not fold in card games like poker where folding occurs -- often uesd with a possesive pronoun, e.g. play my hand, play your hand ofer (Old English (ca. 450-1100)) Trending Searches 🔥 negative-impact white-person thorn-apple telugu hokum prioritise for-the-first-time antonym online seamless focus gujarati catalyst reputation potential define survivor dehumanize brainstorm deep-understanding masochist availability conceptualize happy know-it-all ever-changing fulfilment out-of-the-box thinking interactive glitch recap Synonyms for overpermissive: accommodating, compassionate, kind, liberal, forbearing, tolerant, easygoing, big, permissive, fond, gentle, compliant, easy, tender

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